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Fri Apr 28 2017 06:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

(Denver, Co) – Telluride Brewing Company is pleased to announce the can release of Russell Kelly Pale Ale, which was inspired by local Telluride skier, world-class kayaker, and friend to Chris Fish, founder of Telluride Brewing Company, a small-batch craft beer producer in Telluride, Colorado. Kelly passed away in an automobile accident in 2004, just six days shy of his 30th birthday. Russell Kelly Pale Ale will increase the number of canned beer varietals Telluride Brewing Company produces to six, while paying homage to Fish’s adventure-loving friend.
“Russell embodied all that makes Telluride unique and special—he was an adventurous soul, a world-class skier and a music fanatic,” said Telluride Brewing Company founder, Chris Fish.“Coping with Russell’s death has been one of the hardest things in my life, which is why I wanted to create a beer that captured his spirit. Russell Kelly Pale Ale is a tribute to a great friend who left a lasting impression on me.”

The flavor profile for Russell Kelly Pale Ale (RKPA) was inspired by Kelly’s favorite beer, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, but with a higher ABV percentage and hop profile added to match Kelly’s vivacious personality and his passion for Class V Whitewater. Kelly was one of the top expedition kayakers in the world who successfully accomplished many first descents of some of the world’s most challenging rivers.

Known for its earthy, floral and fruity notes including blueberry, tangerine and hint of grassiness, Mosaic is the prominent hop showcased in the ale. A gentle current malt bill,German rye and American wheat add depth to the brew, while Chinook hops, primarily used for bittering the beer, round out the flavor profile, adding aroma notes of grapefruit and Pine.

Head brew-master, Chris Fish, maintains that the production secret to Russell Kelly Pale Ale, is cranking the dial to maximum volume while listening to Jerry and Co. throughout the entire production process, as Kelly was a dire Grateful Dead fanatic, and had attended more than 100 shows.

In total, the production time for Russell Kelly Pale Ale takes approximately two weeks. For seven days, RKPA is held at fermentation temperature. Then, for three days, one pound of Mosaic Hops are steeped in the beer between fermentation and packaging- a process called dry hopping. In total, there are three pounds of Mosaic hops per bbl in each batch of RKPA. After the primary fermentation and filtering, the beer is then steeped for four more days in a brite tank for conditioning/maturation, before heading to packaging where it is kegged and canned.

“We are thrilled to be adding the addition of the Russell Kelly Pale Ale to our package lineup, as it has been the most requested draft beer to be canned over the last few years,” said Telluride Brewing Company co-founder, Tommy Thacher. “It already has a dedicated following and we are excited that Russell Kelly Pale Ale will become more accessible in the marketplace.”
The can release party for Russell Kelly Pale Ale will take place in two locations on Friday, May5, 2017: Telluride Brewing Company, located 156 Society Drive, Telluride, CO at 4pm on and at Freshcraft, located at 1530 Blake Street, Denver, CO at 5pm.

“Over the years, we brought many kegs of Russell Kelly Pale Ale on the river and celebrated many a powder day with pints too,” said Fish. “Finally, after brewing only draft beer for overthirteen years, we are now introducing it in cans. Of course, Russell’s true essence can never be packaged, but at least now we can take his memory with us on our many adventures.”

Telluride Brewing Company founders Chris Fish and Tommy Thacher continue questing to make an ever more perfect beer for all to savor.

Telluride Brewing Company crafts gold-medal beer in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Telluride,CO. Brewed with premium malts and worthy hops, the beers it produces are distinct yet classic. In just six years, the brewery has grown from a local favorite to a state-wide sensation, serving up its beers in kegs and cans throughout Colorado. Telluride Brewing Company has earned accolades for its Whacked Out Wheat at the World Beer Cup(2015) and Great American Beer Festival(2015) and for its Face Down Brown at the World Beer Cup(2012) and the Great American Beer Festival(2012&2014,2015). Telluride Brewing Company cans its Face Down Brown, Tempter IPA, Fishwater Double IPA, Whacked Out Wheat, Bridal Veil Rye Pale Ale and Russell Kelly Pale Ale.

Jonny Full Pint

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