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A Wild [Goose Chase]Success!

We wanted to give a big THANKS to all of you who joined us in our 2ND ANNUAL GOOSE CHASE SCAVENGER HUNT!!

With over 80 participants and 22 teams, we'd say that the turnout was incredible. Our first true spring skiing day of the winter, the hunt was filled with sunshine, amazing costumes, and so much fun our faces hurt from smiling ear to ear!!

We released our first ever CLOSING DAY IPA, to kick off the fun, too - if you haven't tried it - head to your local Telluride liquor store, or our taproom which reopens on April 16th. Featuring thiolized yeast and some radical art by Brandon Berkel, this limited edition West Coast IPA aims to please!

Missed out on the fun? Don't worry - we'll bring back the fun next year! In the meantime, please check out our instagram feed @telluridebrewing or enjoy our photos and video below.

Thanks again for supporting your favorite local brewery! We couldn't do it without you ❤️

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