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Mushroom Beer Takeover!

It’s that time of year again - Mushroom Festival - and for the seventh festival in a row, Chris Fish and his team of brewers have been busily preparing for the festival in the best way they know how - Brewing beers spiked with mushrooms!

Brewing beer utilizing mushrooms isn’t a new concept, but it’s not necessarily mainstream either. Mushrooms can add incredible and unexpected flavor to beer, and given that our Mushroom Festival goers love to find their favorite fungi utilized in a variety of ways, we’re always happy to get our creative juices flowing and join in on the festivities.

Together with Tradd Cotter, the Telluride Brewing Co team develops their chosen combinations of beer and mushroom tincture varieties to develop a fun, interesting and tasty menu of beers to enjoy at the Beer Launch Party at the Sheridan Opera House. Tomorrow’s (Wednesday, August 18th) event will see seven different varieties of mushroom beers, including:

1) Mountain Beer with Immunity Blend

2) Face Down Brown with Eeishi

3) Face Down Brown with Poria

4) Tempter IPA with Lions Mane and Cordyceps

6) FISHwater DIPA with Maitake

7) Russell Kelly Pale Ale with Poria

Can’t attend this year’s free event? Visit us at either our Mountain Village Brewpub or Lawson Hill Taproom location and sample a few of the varieties listed above!

We’re thrilled for the return of Telluride Mushroom Festival, and although this year’s in-person portion of the festival is sold out, there are still virtual spots available as well as plenty of free events that are open to the public.

Let’s get fun-gi!

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