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Telluride Brewing Co. and Spirit Hound Distillers Craft 'Saint Barley -The Lover Barleywine'

TELLURIDE, CO (October 17, 2023) - Two Colorado craft beverage powerhouses,

Telluride Brewing Co. and Spirit Hound Distillers, are thrilled to unleash their first

groundbreaking collaboration – 'Saint Barley - The Lover Barleywine’.

To celebrate the culmination of this exciting partnership, the official release party will be

held at Fire on The Mountain on October 17th at their 32nd Street location. Beer

enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike are invited to join in the revelry, as "Saint Barley" takes center stage.

Aged with love for 10 months in barrels that clinched the title of Whisky Of The Year in

2022 at the London International Spirits Competition, "Saint Barley" uses Crisp Maris Otter as its primary base malt.This remarkable brew isn’t just the perfect blend of craft beer and artisan spirits, it’s a testament to lasting friendships and inspired creativity that captures the spirit of Saint Barley in every sip.

"Crafting 'Saint Barley - The Lover Barleywine' has been a highly-anticipated and

exciting journey with old and new friends,” explains Chris Fish, Chief Brewing Officer

and Co-Founder of Telluride Brewing Co. “In my brewing career, this is one of the best

barrel-aged beers I've ever had the pleasure of crafting. What makes it so special?

Aging it for a solid 10 months in the absolute best Straight Whisky Barrels you can find

on the planet!"

Saint Barley - The Lover Barleywine boasts a flavor profile that marries the complexity

of whisky and American Oak, delivering layers of decadence with notes of Caramel and

Toffee and subtle undertones of Dark Cherry, Vanilla, as well as a touch of Dark


This barleywine is designed for sipping, making it the perfect companion for a chilly

night and slow-smoked pork ribs. Pouring a deep Mahogany red, it's a brew that

promises warmth and richness as an ode to the love of the hound and man’s best

friend. Saint Barley honors Barley, Fish’s late beloved canine, a legendary Saint

Bernese with a heart of gold.

"This beer isn't just about brewing; it's a nod to a true and loyal friend. Barley, my dog

and constant companion, was a legend in the Colorado craft beer scene,” says Fish.

“'Saint Barley' is a tribute to his memory and the unique and unbreakable bond we all

share with our four-legged friends."

Eighty cases of this limited edition brew are now available in 16oz can four-packs for

$19.99 at select stores from Denver to Pueblo and throughout Colorado’s unique and

various mountain town, and Durango, too. More information regarding the beer and its

distribution can be found on Telluride Brewing's website.

As an homage to the spirit of the hound and the memory of Barley, the Telluride Brewing

dog legend, "Saint Barley" emerges as a love letter to Barley Dog, a barleywine

masterpiece enclosed in Spirit Hound barrels.

In addition to this exciting collaboration, Spirit Hound Distillers has recently opened a

new Tasting Room in the Denver Highlands neighborhood at 36th & Tejon. Visitors can

now sample all their spirits and special releases in Denver or at their Lyons distillery.

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Frank Beebe
Frank Beebe
Dec 23, 2023

Just cracked open a can of Saint Barley and is Awesome!!

This beer gets a 4.5 rating from me

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